Automation and Control Engineering Program

Automation and Control Engineering Program
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Overview of the training program

Control and Automation Engineering is the study, design and operation of automatic systems and automatic production lines in factories; design, control and manufacture robots; product management at domestic and foreign companies dealing in automatic electronic devices… The program is highly applicable, especially students have access to modern laboratory equipment such as Robot ABB 6 level, NI experiment set, practice with PLC, etc.

Purpose of the program

Training human resources to ensure quality, with basic knowledge and skills of necessary natural knowledge, specialized and near-industry knowledge for graduates to apply for many positions.

Students have the capabilities of a Control and Automation engineer to respond to industry developments in the coming decades.

Job position of graduate students

After graduating from this industry, Automation and Control Engineering Engineers can work in the following positions:

  • Operation and maintenance engineer: Ensure the operation, maintenance and repair process of electrical, electronic and automatic systems.
  • Engineers to operate, maintain and repair automatic equipment and systems of factories and enterprises.
  • System specialist: specializes in analyzing the needs of electrical and automation systems of companies and factories.
  • Directing projects: Designing automatic systems and participating in the construction of projects on automatic control.
  • Design automation systems for factories, enterprises, companies, organizations,...
  • Application programming: Control programs for microprocessors, PLCs, CNCs, programmable controllers.
  • Consultants provide consulting, solutions in the field of automation, participate in employee training programs.
  • Teaching at universities, colleges, professional intermediate schools where Engineers and Bachelors are trained in the field of control and automation, etc.

Educational philosophy of the program

                “Learning by Design”

We believe that learning through practice and experience will form professional competencies, professional ethics, sense of responsibility to serve the community for Automation and Control Engineering Engineers .