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Research - Experience - Community service

Identify learning goals and civic goals through the researching and learning process, in combination with community service; develop community service contents that are integrated into the curriculum, create a community service culture for students through a learning experience process that is planned, oriented towards the community, create the opportunity to feedback, reflect on the learning & community service experiences.

Create opportunities for students to demonstrate their experience, connect academic goals and research goals with citizen goals and integrate them into learning and experiencing activities; help students deeply understand the economic, social and cultural contexts to understand concepts mentioned in the courses.

Help students develop important skills such as: critical thinking skills, interpersonal skills, social and professional skills; civil liability; global citizen responsibility, etc. With the vision of creating a generation of advanced workers, who are also humane, deeply aware and socially responsible; understand global issues; develop professional working capacity through close connection with businesses and the community.


THE EDUCATIONAL PHILOSOPHY OF Faculty of Technology Engineering

The faculty pursues the philosophy of "Learning by Design". Accordingly, students learn and experience in the process of creating products: Forming ideas - Designing - Implementing - Operating. Thereby, students achieve expected learning outcomes.

Every year the university and faculty hold seminars on improving teaching and learning methods for lecturers to exchange experiences and improve the quality of teaching in order to better implement these philosophies. In the professional meetings of the departments, the activities of the teacher network, these views are often discussed for implementation through each course and lecture of the lecturers.

Right from the first day of enrollment, students are introduced to the viewpoint, educational philosophy and expected learning outcomes of the program. In the introductory sessions, lecturers clearly explain the educational philosophy, teaching theory as well as methodologies and methods of implementing the Learning by design teaching model. The "Learning by Design" educational philosophy is explicitly stated in the program specification so that stake