Expected learning outcomes of information technology

Expected learning outcomes of information technology
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ELO 1 Apply basic knowledge of mathematics, science and engineering to the IT industry.

ELO 2 Analyze the IT industry's problems to determine the problems to be solved, the requirements that need to be met as the basis for setting forth appropriate solutions.

ELO 3 Designing IT systems in accordance with the requirements of organizations and enterprises based on modern techniques and technologies.

ELO 4 Work effectively as a team member or leader to achieve a common goal.

ELO 5 Communicate effectively using multimedia with different audiences.

ELO 6 Apply critical thinking, technical thinking, systems thinking and problem solving skills while doing the job.

ELO 7 Application development of a complete component or system to meet the needs of information security, analysis and data interpretation of organizations and enterprises.

ELO 8 Use modern techniques and necessary tools to do the job.

ELO 9 Respect the Law, show social responsibility and practice the professional ethics of IT engineers

ELO10 Demonstrating motivation for lifelong learning for personal and professional development.