Triết lý giáo dục của trường

Triết lý giáo dục của trường
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2.3. Vision: Developed under the advanced university model, establishing the prestige in the country and integration. Students have the ability to work in the country and abroad.

2.4. Mission: To train quality human resources for socio-economic development and international integration of Binh Duong province, the South East - the southern key economic region and become a research center for research in the area.

2.5. Core values: Aspiration - Responsibility - Creation.

- Aspiration: consciousness strives to reach the peak of intellectuals, aspire to the good and determined to perform the strongest.

- Responsibility: having a positive attitude and responsibility towards oneself, the family, the society, the motherland and humanity; Have the capacity and skills to take responsibility.

- Creativity: Innovative thinking, qualified and knowledge to create new value to meet the requirements and serve the development of society.